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Three Year Advisor Program

At Pacific Coast Banking School, it is important that our students have the ability to seek advice from alumni during the entire three year program. For this reason, we have an advisory program in each year to help our students meet their tasks for that year.

In Year One, the students are divided into small groups and assigned an Executive Student Advisor. Every Executive Student Advisor is a PCBS alumni, selected for his or her leadership qualities and communication skills. Their focus is to create and enhance opportunities for each individual to ask questions, strengthen their network, and feel connected early in the PCBS experience. These advisors will be on campus the entire first week of the session, and accessible before and after that time. Read more: Executive Student Advisors

In Year Two, students select a topic and begin planning their Management Reports, which are submitted during their final year. After completing their report proposal, PCBS chooses the best Management Report Advisor for them, based on the expertise needed to appropriately guide the student in the report topic. Most Management Report Advisors are graduates of PCBS, and are available to guide their student during and between the second and third year sessions.

In Year Three, students complete their studies at the resident session on the University of Washington campus. Our cornerstone program, LeaderSim™ runs during this last session in tandem with our Bank Management Simulation program. In small teams, students identify their leadership strengths and weaknesses, guided by highly skilled LeaderSim™ advisors. These same student teams apply this knowledge in Bank Management Simulation, where they manage a simulated bank while facing very real leadership challenges.

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