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Real world solutions to real world challenges.   Really.

At Pacific Coast Banking School, a large and diverse base of bankers from a broad mix of bank sizes allows us to offer a full model banking school curriculum designed to enhance learning of community bankers and mega bankers alike. Depending on the course, we group our students to gain the greatest benefit from each other, either from interacting with those who operate in similar bank structures or with a broad spectrum of bankers who offer an across-the-board industry perspective.

The three year program encompasses three focus areas: Risk Management, Financial Performance and Leadership. Each year builds upon the last, giving participants an ever increasing level of understanding of these three areas, and how any decision impacts all areas of their bank performance. The program culminates in our exclusive integrated LeaderSim™ and Bank Management Simulation. Extension assignments between the first and second sessions, and the second and third sessions are based on material covered in the core classes at our resident sessions. Faculty and administrative support is provided for these projects.

The first year curriculum equips students to rise into leadership by providing a broad foundation in bank management. In-depth analysis of economic and bank finance instill the knowledge an effective bank officer must have. Year one also begins the development of comprehensive personal leadership awareness. Current business conditions, credit risk and bank finance are examined.

The second year core curriculum concentrates on further development of problem-solving tools and skills in risk management, financial performance and leadership, which are applied to management issues faced by financial institutions today. Participants will have the opportunity to explore their areas of specific interest through elective choices.

The third year core curriculum emphasizes the integrated application of strategic risk management, financial performance and leadership skills implemented through LeaderSim™
and Bank Management Simulation. Your elective choices supplement this powerful combination.

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