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Pre-session Webinars: Pre-requisite and Refresher Courses

Webinar courses are available to PCBS first year students to meet pre-requisite requirements or help students refresh their knowledge and prepare them for their first year classes. Once accepted, students can log in to the Students Only section of this website and select Pre-session Webinars to register for the following webinars:

Webinars offered:

Pre-requisite Requirement

Refresher for course entitled:

De-Mystifying Bank Financial Statements   Managing Bank Financial Performance
Finance Essentials Corporate Finance Financial Tools for Bankers
Foundational Economics in 3 Easy Lessons Economics Analysis of Business Conditions

Quizzes are available to help you determine your need of these courses. Call our office at 425-278-0250 for additional information.

Registration for PCBS webinars will be available soon. All students will be notified by email when registration opens.

De-Mystifying Bank Financial Statements

Instructor: Dr. David W. Cole       Time Commitment: 4 hours        Cost: $195

This three-part webinar is highly recommended for first-year students who have had little to no recent exposure to bank financial statement analysis. Using financial statements for a bank, Dr. Cole will guide participants through an introduction to the financial analysis process. Dr. Cole will identify key relationships from the bank's Statement of Financial Condition, Statement of Income and Expense, and Statement of Interest Margin.

Session One: Bank Statement of Financial Condition
  1. Asset Structure
  2. Financial Structure
  3. Key Relationships
Session Two: Bank Statement of Income and Expense
  1. Revenue Sources
  2. Expenses
  3. Profit
  4. Key Relationships
Session Three: Bank Statement of Interest Margin
  1. Interest Income
  2. Interest Expense
  3. Key Relationships

Finance Essentials

Instructor: Dr. Anne Macy       Time Commitment: 6 hours        Cost: $425 for 3 part series

A fundamental knowledge of corporate finance principles is essential to your success at Pacific Coast Banking School. PCBS requires that all students understand basic concepts of capital structures and shareholder wealth, including:

  1. assessment of risk
  2. calculation of time value of money
  3. cost-benefit analysis and estimating cash flows
  4. the cost of capital
  5. dividends, repurchases and other distribution methods
Completion of this 6 hour webinar will help students meet their Corporate Finance pre-requisite. Students who have met the PCBS Finance pre-requisite but would benefit from a refresher can take all or register individually for the three modules of this course.

Module 1: The Basics of Valuation       Cost: $225 when purchased individually
  • Part A: Risk & Return – An important activity of finance is evaluating and managing the risk-return trade-off. In this module, you will examine the different types of risk and return and learn different tools for assessing the trade-off.
  • Part B: Capital Structure – A major risk faced by firms is the amount of debt a firm holds. In this module, you will examine the factors affecting the decision on the amount of debt a firm should hold.
  • Part C: Cash Flows – A firm's value is simply the summation of the value of its projects. In this module, you will examine the structure of calculating the cash flows associated with a project.

Module 2: Bonds & Stocks: Creating the Discount Rate       Cost: $125 when purchased individually

In this module, you will learn about the fundamental concepts of time value of money with particular attention to the valuation of bonds and stocks. These ideas will be expanded to the creation of the discount rate.

Module 3: Capital Budgeting & NPV: Valuing a Project       Cost: $125 when purchased individually

In this module, you will extend the analysis of valuation techniques to capital budgeting projects. You will assess the nuances that impact the valuation of the project and therefore, of the firm.

Foundational Economics in 3 Easy Lessons

Instructor: Dr. Stephen Happel       Time Commitment: 3 hours        Cost: $145

This three-part webinar will help students meet their Economics pre-requisite. Students who have met the PCBS Economics pre-requisite but need foundational background to prepare them for the discussions on the economy in the first year course, Analysis of Business Conditions, can also register for this course. Dr. Happel will cover core microeconomic laws, basic macroeconomic measures of the economy, how fiscal policy is conducted, a brief monetary history of the U.S., how the Fed conducts monetary policy, and a review of various financial instruments and the banking industry. With these ideas in mind, students will be fully prepared for the issues covered in Analysis of Business Conditions.

Session One
  1. Definitions of economics
  2. Core microeconomic laws (diminished returns, opportunity cost, demand/supply)
  3. Basic macroeconomic measures (inflation rate, unemployment rate, economic growth, and GDP accounts)
Session Two
  1. Fiscal policy (government taxation and spending)
  2. Monetary history of the U.S., including the gold standard
Session Three
  1. The Fed and how it conducts monetary policy
  2. Various financial instruments relevant to banking
  3. Current state of the banking industry in the U.S.

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