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Core Classes | Third Year Students

Like the second year, the third year curriculum involves half electives and half core courses. The focus of the third year curriculum is integrated application of strategic planning, financial management and leadership skills implemented through LeaderSim™ and Bank Management Simulation.

The pre-course work includes a “360 degree” evaluation which provides the student with personal objectives for the third year LeaderSim™ involvement. The week-long experience includes a daily overview of key learning objectives and personalized breakout sessions to reinforce the learning opportunity. Each participant and future leader will leave with knowledge of their personal leadership style and inspiration to encourage others to develop their leadership value system.

Your third year core experience includes the following courses:

Bank Management Simulation

The Bank Management Simulation is an interactive computer based simulation. Students assume the role of senior management of a commercial bank, involving themselves in the group dynamics and managerial skills of managing a commercial bank in a competitive environment. Changing economic conditions and regulatory supervision add to the complexity of managing the bank. The participant develops a better understanding of the sources and uses of funding and their alternative investment strategies. Decisions are made by the participants affecting the investments, lending function, deposit gathering and capital funding. Upon completion of the simulation, the participant will understand how to maximize tax free income, the importance of interest rate sensitivity in generating profitability, and the importance of proper capital management for the future growth of the bank. Participants will develop strategies and goals, forecast results, and measure performance by managing human resources.


Leaders for this century understand that building relationships, creating a vision, and inspiring others to act are all required for effective leadership. The LeaderSim™ objective for every PCBS graduate is that they leave with a clear understanding of the key leadership practices and are inspired to seek personal excellence and influence extraordinary performance in others. LeaderSim™ was exclusively developed by PCBS as a defining interactive experience in the art of leadership. The course centers on five elemental leadership behaviors (Modeling the Way, Inspiring a Shared Vision, Challenging the Process, Enabling Others to Act, & Encouraging the Heart) as outlined in The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner. The course combines Bank Management Simulation and LeaderSim™ teams to optimize the participatory exploration of the leadership behaviors. This potentially life changing experience is facilitated by experienced bankers who are also PCBS alumni.

The selection of Elective Courses is outlined in the Third Year Elective Course List.

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